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Originally Posted by myk98it View Post
This is a good article from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

Health Issues for Women Athletes: Exercise- Induced Amenorrhea
Here goes it:

Thanks...great article. But after reading it and some of the other comments here...I think I'm lazy and lack willpower! First, I could not even IMAGINE doing more than an 1 - 1 1/2 hrs exercise in one day...Second, when I'm hungry, I eat...the more I exercise, the hungrier I get, so yes, I eat. I choose healthy foods like fruit, nuts, yogart, etc., but I do eat. If I were running a marathon (26 miles??? ) I'd probably eat about 3,000 calories...EASY...NO PROBLEM THERE!!! HAHA!

With that said, and I've said this before...I think the true problem lies with the ALL or NOTHING attitude. Most people don't get overweight by exercising too much or eating too little (albeit some do from eating too little ), we generally gain too much weight from eating TOO MUCH and exercising TOO LITTLE! When we try to reverse this process we quickly fall into the the reverse (exercising TOO MUCH and eating TOO LITTLE). It's a vicious cycle. MODERATION is key. Food is not bad. Food is energy. You NEED energy to exercise. Everything works in synergy.

Just some food for thought. It's only taken me 43 yrs to figure this one out!

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