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Wow mkroyer, I'm really sorrY to hear that you're going through this! please know you're in my thoughts and I hope everything turns out well for you.

As far as overtraining goes, I agree with everyone above who said that we who are trying to lose weight tend to be very susceptible. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I'd think nothing of working out (hard cardio) for 2-3 hours on 1000-1300 calories a day. And logically speaking if you still have a lot to lose, you may not notice any negative health effects now, but it's building a habit that could become a problem when you eventually reach goal! I don't consider myself an overtrainer because in my mind I don't work out hard enough (I'm not a competitive runner or training for any specific purpose other than weightloss and general wellbeing) so I tend to pat myself on the back on days when I do a long, hard workout and have eaten light, forgetting that my life and my health is more than the number I get to see on the scale on weigh in day and that food is more than a challenge, it's most important function is fuel so I can keep on keeping on.

Does this mean I am allowed to eat double the calories because I went for a jog? NO! But it does mean I have to try to be reasonable when allocating myself calories for the day, and up them a little on hard workout days. Someone brought up Paula Radcliffe earlier and I remember reading she ate something like 3200 calories a day while in training. And of course she did! She's probably working out hours and hours a day. (I'm not saying this Should be replicated unspervised by an amateur runner but just to keep things in perspective). But just as mkroyer did I bet the majority of us if we were training hard for a marathon and running hours a day would think nothing of keeping our calorie intake at 1200-1500. It's really sad how our battle with weight turns us normally rational and intelligent people into people that do things which if we removed ourselves from the situation, we'd realize were patently dangerous, things we'd never want our friends, sisters or children to do because they sounded too extreme to be healthy.

Mkroyer I hope you get well soon and I hope we also all make an extra effort to look after ourselves.
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