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Default Overtraining/Undereating... Worst Case Scenario

Theres been a lot of discussion lately, whether specifically or generally, about overtraining... it seems many are uneducated about how serious it can be, how easy it is to do, and what the warning signs are..... Many assume that if they lose X pounds eating this much and working out this much, they can lose 2X pounds eating lerss and working out more.... sometimes that works..... many times it doesnt....

Of course, there are many many numerious factors that come into play with regards to what constitutes overtraining for YOUR body, and what symptoms you get or dojnt get..... many people dont realize the very direct impact overtraining has on fat loss (or more accurately, lack-there-of) and many other functions in your body, from metabolism and reproduction to your immune sytem, hormones and psychological and emotional well-being..... But i digress....
i wanted to share my own personal experience and the dire circumstances i now find myself in.....
to very briefly sum up, for the past year and a half i have been suffering symptoms of overtraining, as a result of not eating enough, and training too much with little to no-recovery. I trained for and ran 3 marathons on approx 1200 cals a day... i didnt know any better.....
fast forward to the present...... i havent had a period in a year and a half and went to go see an endocrinologist, believing my thyroid functioning had been compromised. After 3 weeks of testing, my doctor has determined that tho my thyroid hormone levels are *normal*, my estrogen level is undetectable, and whats even more frightening, my pituitary glad has stopped working. For those who dont know, your pituitary glad is like the control center for your hormone production in your body.

in a nutshell, i now have a tumor in my pituitary gland.... at 30 years old and i have progressed to a menopausal state, with an on-set of osteoporosis.
This is not "genetic".... i literally did this to myslef.......

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