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Originally Posted by KenzideRhae View Post
It's super great that you're so pumped and excited and committed to sticking to a plan to lose weight, but a pound or more a day of weight loss is unhealthy at your weight, as others have said. I've seen brides practically starve themselves to look perfect on their wedding day/fit into their dress/whatever, only to end up having an awful time because they're tired and lethargic from not eating enough.

You want to be that girl that is having an amazing day no matter what her weight is, not the girl who collapsed because she was starving herself. I'd try some of the diets the other girls have suggested, and add in some exercise. Your wedding day will be amazing no matter how much you weigh, and you're more likely to keep the weight off if you pick something that you can actually stick with long-term.
Thank you dear for your advice and opinion .. im convinced and will see a doctor and stick to a healthy plan and be active and do workouts and walk daily

thank you so much
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