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Originally Posted by Eliana View Post
But I'm afraid this one won't work either for all the reasons you've listed below.

May of us CAN imagine it...and have lived it. I'm one who got fat on very little food. I can't necessarily say exactly why. My body is just a touch different than a lot of people's. That's ok. I've learned how to work around it and you can too. But this is not the way.

What they're saying is true. You can indeed get fat on very little food because your body won't burn it the way it should. And the diet you are forcing on yourself is the exact opposite of what you wrote here. It IS important to feed your body. It is best to feed your body several times throughout the day. I personally like to eat six mini meals, each with equal calories. From on person who got fat on not much food to another...this has worked. My metabolism stays revved. I eat breakfast and I finish with an early dinner so most of my calories come during the day when I can burn them off. Also, I am never hungry, so the need to go off plan does NOT come up. This is very important because the only way a diet will ever work is if you stick with it for a long time. Do you know what a long time is? I ask because I used to think that was a couple months. No, a long time is like a year, or two.

Why do you think this diet is going be different? You're setting yourself up for starving by evening, no question.

So get active? I'm all for going intense leading up to your wedding. It's actually a great idea. I'm a big fan of picking a plan you can stick with and committing to sticking with it no matter what for a specific period of time WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS. So I would be thrilled to see you say you are going to eat 1500 calories of healthy foods and that you were going to do some intense exercise including strength training and that you were going to do this until your wedding, no excuses, no matter what the scale says. No matter what! That is a plan I could get behind.

This is an awesome and amazing place! Stick around and you will be inspired. It's impossible not to be.

You can do this! But I have to say I do not like your plan. I do, however, like your enthusiasm. I can tell you you are not broken, even though I know you think you are. You are not alone. You are not the only person for whom it seems nothing works. Been there, lived through that. You are no more broken than I am.

I started weighing daily and it changed my life. I discovered that I do not lose weight like most people. I lose weight one week out of every month and stall the rest of the month. I do not lose the often prescribed "1-2 pounds per week" but I DO lose 4-8 pounds every single month. And you know what? It's the same thing!! But weight loss is not linear as most people and books would have us believe.

So have we convinced you?

Tell you what...if we have not convinced you, promise me this. Promise me you'll try your plan, but when/if you fail, just come back and let us guide you toward something more realistic. There's no time limit on this. You have the rest of your life.

Oh soo sweeeet I love you guys you are very very very kind and I dont know what to say .. U r correct 100% cant say anything about it

the reason why I wanted to start my weight lose journey here is that I needed support

and I will for sure go to a doctor and make changes on that diet because I dont want to make mistakes i've done alot so far with yoyo dieting

and I think its time to listen to other advices since im not doing it correctly

I promise I will stick to a good plan .. and will open a new thread so that i will always give updates on what im up to

just as im checking the posts i called a clinic and took an appointment with a doctor it will be after 2 hours from now ..

i better reply to the others and come back with the new news after going to the doctor

and then open a new thread ..

thank you so much for helping me ..

for sure i will need your advice
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