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Hi all to the old-timers, new-commers, and somewhere in betweeners like me!

Lets see, I don't know my current weight, because I am too scared to get on the scale. I've had to cut down my exercises this past week because of my knees and I slipped far, far off the wagon as far as eating healthy. But good news, my knees are feeling better, just a little stiff, I did my full weight training today and 20 minutes of cardio. I will officially start counting those calories tomorrow. Today is grocery shopping day, so no more excuses.

I'm married, no kids,but I have two ferrets and one blue heeler. I work part time at home on the computer. I have one tattoo...a cute little bear holding a bomb about to explode...showing that I am as sweet as can be, but don't test me. I love to read, Dean Koontz being my favorite author, and surf the web.

Rapunzel, hang in there...turning to food will only make you feel worse as I am sure you know this. I hate when I feel like this and there is no one to talk to. Is there anybody who would like to exchange either AIM, MSN, or Yahoo Id's so we can IM each other in a time of need?

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