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Be happy.
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Good morning ladies!

Ruth, I loved your line about reminding yourself, "I am Canadian."! I hope it will warm out so you won't have to resort to that.

Hi Okie, no gain is really good news this time of year!

Linda, the list was a great idea, I should do the same because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, too.

No internet here yesterday morning because of the weather I assume. Yesterday was the kind of day when I didn't have a moment to stop and take a breath, and knowing what today looked like I was in bed by 8:30.

Fergie is going to pick me up after school and we'll head back to Massachusetts to pick up my Durango. The fan wasn't working, that's all that was wrong with it. Phew! We can't get there before they close so they'll lock the keys in and we'll just grab it and go when we get there. I'm hoping to be home by midnight.
Have a great Tuesday friends!

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