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Because little kids are active such active little creatures I bet you have lots of options. Are there any indoor play parks where you are? Is the weather warm enough in the afternoons to go to an outdoor park? Are there any bounce house places to take him to play? Play along with him climbing and swinging and the like. Videos are a great, great idea. Mall walking is good but for me, expensive. Also, do you have a jump rope or a place to climb stairs?

I will tell you something else too. Many moons ago another poster here shared a clip about how many calories household chores burn. She had a couple of posters come along and tell her basically how wrong she was for counting household chores. I felt at the time she was actually spot ON! Scrubbing floors, vacuuming, gardening, getting up and moving burns a heck of a lot more than sitting at a computer and being a couch tater!

Oh, and that poster I mention above--yeah well she is looking GOYGEOUS!!! She is now in the 130's--down from 260 or soemthing I believe. Obviously the chick knew something! Kudos to Lori259!

Coupon mom: I also wanted to add this. Have you pinpointed what times of day you typically have had trouble overeating? Getting out of my house every time I could really helped me and still does.

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