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Hi turtles:

CHerry - nice job of your weight loss, keep it going "baby steps"

Judy - 3 points for 1 piece of bread is a big ww change. Your ww luncheon will be nice (if I was going I would be hoping for some of your veggie pie)
which reminds me, I haven't made that in awhile & would be nice to have on hand throughout the week. Have fun with the ladies.
For a cookie type treat - sometimes what I do is cut granola bar into 3 pieces, nuke to warm it up and then flatten the pieces out, you get 3 big cookies.

Princess - Surprised your Tops dinner is at a pancake house, will be hard to have something fairly low in points I would think. When I was in States we went to IHOP and I couldn't believe the choices and super big portions.
Good luck - maybe tonight will be better than you expect.

Hope everyone that is doing new plan does well. For now I am sticking with old plan until after Christmas then maybe find out more about new plan in new year, but right now I seem OK and don't want to change things.

Snowing here today - tomorrow is my tree/decorating day, then it will feel more Christmassy and get my butt in gear for what I need to get done.

Have a great day!
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