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Actually I would try this calculator to give you a better idea.

I remember I went to this website full of pictures of women of various sizes. For some reason unbeknown to me I look around 30 lbs lighter than most of the women in my range. Then I looked up by pant size and shirt size and most of the women with the same actually were significantly smaller. I've even asked people and they usually guess my weight lower.

I the first thing I thought of was maybe I had a lot more muscle tone than I thought or maybe bone size. I looked it up and actually I do have pretty big bones by that scale. I'm about half an inch over the highest on both measurements.

That site says that that really matters and gives you a more acute weight range. For someone like me who wants to still retain some ethnic thickness I was aiming WAAAAYYY too low before. So check it out.

I always thought BMI was way too broad for everyone.

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