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Good morning everyone.

Thanks MM for starting the thread.

I had a good shopping day yesterday. I was able to get everything I wanted for the kids which is really good. I have 2 toys left to buy for them, then an outfit for each then Jammies. I still have my nephews and nieces to buy for though.

Thanksgiving food was really good. I didn't over eat anything, but the soda I drank still has me bloated.
Tommy had a bit of an accident on Thursday night. We were at my moms house and he decided to turn on the treadmill. he fell and went through the wall. Ok he only dented the wall, but he has road rash on his back shoulder to shoulder. Poor guy. We may have to skip swimming tuesday for him to heal.
W 80 oz
E 35 minutes heading to my moms today.
E 1300 cals.
D don't stress out. Will has is CDL drive test today and if he doesnt pass he will lose his job. I'm not worried about his driving, but the pre-check part of the drive is intense.

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