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No freebies for me tomorrow. I'm going to keep it tight-ish for Turkey Day, though will probably go over my usual losing calorie allotment. I'm still working off a few excess pounds that I allowed to come on me and I'm not willing to tack on any additional pounds at this time.

Thanksgiving is by mom. She goes all out, but it will be fairly easy for me to avoid her fattening, calorie laden dishes. I will be bringing a few side dishes - roasted brussel sprouts with pecans, roasted asparagus, cucumber salad and red cabbage slaw. That right there is plenty for me to eat. And of course there's the good ole' turkey breast.

And lucky me - I'm in charge of dessert (I called it!) . No pecan or pumpkin pie this year - sorry folks. I'm making individual (quite large actually) apple crumble pies. Just enough for each person there to have one. No one needs more then one dessert, though I did buy some vanilla ice cream to serve with it. I will make a special one just for me, consisting of sliced apples, baked with cinnamon and sugar free maple syrup - no crumble.

I too will thoroughly enjoy my family, the football and the *feast*.
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