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You got it 2cute. I will spend time in prayer right away. Please don't forget those they leave behind, spouses, children, parents, siblings etc.

Our God is great and powerful. He gives us freewill, but tempers it with justice. As we seek to free those oppressed, he keeps his hand upon us and protects us. His will will be done in all things including this. Our prayers go out to the soldier and his family members.

"God, give us strength to bear what we must at this time. Give great knowledge to those in the White House, the military leaders and those in authority. Temper the mouths of those who rail against us and give courage to those who stand for right. Protect the weak dear Father and give strength to those who must stand against the enemy. Our hearts are broken for those who have lost their lives, are detained and tortured by the enemy and whose families must bear this pain. Give them comfort at this time. Free our men from their imprisonment, give them rest to be able to continue the fight, the knowledge to know what is true and what is not and the energy to continue on. You alone control this universe and we thank you for all you have done and will do for us. In your Son's Holy name. Amen"

God Grant US Peace in this time of War.
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