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Wow.. thats all i have to say lol, well thanx for the site Angel26519, i went there, and i found out that my BMR is roughly 2603 ( i used a moderate excersise level which is maybe even underestimating my lvl a little bit lol ) well anyway, according to this i shoul eat roughy 400 cals MORE then what my diet is right now.. so im going to try that now, and hopefully get my weight loss back on track as a matter of fact, im gonna have a muffin right now! ( a low fat apple flavoured one mind you ) But they are so000000000000000o good And then Im gonna have a nice glass of water, and go for a 30 min walk before my girlfriend gets outta school Thanx again for the help! and i hope you both get down to your weight loss goals! Whish me luck

P.S. If anyone else has information about this topic! Please respond, i always like to read many suggestions Bye.
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