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Originally Posted by keziah23 View Post
I was born in 74 and I'm convinced that my dad (who is the one who named me) was on drugs, as my brothers name is Chris. My mom says that after I was born he said "Oh wouldn't it be cute to have a Chris and a Kristi, and lets spell it with a K and and i" 36 years later I still have to spell my name for everyone and just sigh when I get emails addressed to Christy, Christi, Cristi, Kristy (the list is endless)
:-) OMG for real...I was born in 72!! And my sisters name is I thought my name was keri till I was 6!! (most of the time my sis and Mom call me Kris) Mom would call roll ya know I tell people my Mom was on drugs when she decided on my name spelling too! And my middle name...UGH...lets just say it's WORSE!!! Sounds like a french prostitute name!! Couldn't be something easy like Lynn or Lee or heck even Mae!!!
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