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If he is going to talk about the overall size of your body, perhaps you should discuss the size of a particular part of his. Or is that hitting below the belt, so to speak? And if he wouldn't like it, why should you appreciate his out-of-the-blue critiques of your appearance?

There are certain things which are decidedly Off Limits for out-of-context criticism in any relationship. Once you get to know a person, you learn where their sensitivities are, where to stick the knife in to do the most damage. A person who regularly delivers jabs to those soft spots--even if they try to portray it as "for your own good"--is being cruel. Robin41's right: someone who likes to poke at bruises is worse than even the most callous of strangers.

There are only a few subsets of people who need to have others make their nutritional choices for them--young children, people with severe cognitive disabilities, people with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Unless he thinks of you as belonging to one of these groups of people, he needs to take his boot off your neck. If he DOES think of you as being in one of those categories, maybe your boot should be applied to him somewhere?
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