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Exclamation Am i Eating too much? Enough? HELP ASAP PLS

Hey.. i've been thinking a bit, lately my weight loss has slowed down A LOT, and even stoped and ive been gaining a lb or so.. well this is an example of a standard day and what i eat.. so can you people tell me what i should change to help improve my weight loss? Thanx in advance..

Breakfast - Rolled Oats, Glass of Water, Apple.
Lunch - Some Salad ( smedium size bowl, with 'light' dressing ) Glass of water.
Dinner - Some Steamed Veggies, and a skinless boneless roasted chiken breast. Glass of water.

Other Sometimes throughout the day i'd have an extra orange or apple or sumthing, but thats about my daily diet... so can someone help me with why my weight loss has slowed down!?! Also, please note that i spend about an hour a day walking.
Start Weight { 175 }
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