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I work second shift (1:30-10:00) and it's never been as problem for me!

Eat as you would any other time, just shift the hours. For example most people eat their breakfast around 7 or 8 perhaps. My breakfast comes around 11. My lunch hits around 4 in the afternoon instead of 12 and my dinner is around 9 (I have snacks in their too). Your body will get used to absolutely whatever schedule you put it on, so put it on a schedule and stick to it! Have a "cutoff" time when you stop eating. For someone on a typical day schedule that cutoff time might be 8 or 9. For me it's midnight; unless I miss a meal and I'm really hungry I don't eat after that time. It was really hard at first but I was able to recognize that my late-night eating wasn't hunger, it was just munchies! Once I exercised that rule my body got used to it and I don't get those real late night munchies very much anymore.

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