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Thanks Tinky!

So far, so good. For the past few months I've really been out of control with portion sizes and snacking on huge amounts of food when I get home from work. Writing down what I'm eating and counting calories has really made me exercise some self control... because who wants to write down "an entire bag of pretzels"? hahahaha

I really think that just stopping those two behaviors alone will help, and the calorie counting/monitoring is just a little extra push to get the scale back under control.

I do consume plenty of coffee, but I'm writing it down... not a soda drinker, though.

Unfortunately my after-work days are really high calorie wise, purely because I'm essentially awake for 2 days.... but, I suppose it's like calorie cycling. As long as the scale moves, I'm ok with it.

I'll let ya know how it goes, and good luck to you too!
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