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My shopping list keeps me pretty much on the outside of the store.

Veggies, most dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, some fruit. I buy what I like, avoiding too sweet or starchy fruits or veggies. Don't forget condiments, food shouldn't be boring.(check labels) I avoid added sugars, and trans fats. I don't' worry about other types of nutrients, just monitor the calories and carbs. I take a multivitamin, vitamin d-3, and a b-12 each day.

I do buy canned tuna, broths, stewed tomatoes, green beans, some soups,(not the thick ones with cream or lots of noodles)

I also check out the deli for deals on sliced deli meats or cheeses. As well as the freezer for sales on frozen veggies. I always have some kind of protein and a bag of broccoli or cauliflower on hand for a quick meal. Oh, and diet jello. Snap peas in the bag are a great snack.

Google low carb breakfast, and you will find lots of ideas. I eat lower carb, not "no carb" which is how folks often go. I choose nutrition dense foods with minimal processing. I try to stay below 100 grams carb per day. I can do this easily by eliminating most starches (grains), and exercising portion control on fruit and starchy veggies.

My breakfast is usually a veggie omelet with salsa, or poached eggs and 2 slices crisp bacon, or a protein shake. Coffee or tea. If I get a wild urge for juice, I drink Crystal light Sunrise. Now I sometimes add a slice of cantaloupe.

Lunch varies. Salad with deli meats or chicken breast or tuna, a lettuce wrap,
with one of the above. A string cheese. Clear soup or one I have made.

Dinner is usually salad, veggies, meat, and cottage cheese or a dollop of yogurt on some fresh berries.

Last recommendation - don't wing it with low carb. Get a book, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, Protein Power, Carb Addicts Diet, they all have the science and the way to be healthy or effective.

Or, look for one of the books that uses the gycemic index, if you don't want to restrict carbs too much.

Good luck- I feel much better when eating according to the above way of eating-- but the weight comes off very slowly unless I also cut calories.
I will:Journal every bite * Be gentle to myself and my family * Exercise to the best of my ability * Drink at least 8 glasses of water * Focus on colorful veggies, salads, low gycemic fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats * Limit grains * Get up at the same time everyday and get back into routine * Visit 3FC every day, it makes a big difference to my attitude, thanks to the wonderful folks here.

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