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Default fruit

i just can't buy that fruit is bad. It grows ON A TREE! It's natural! We give them to babies, old people, and sick people. Along with the sugar there is fiber, vitamins, nutrients. AND THE FINAL STRAW: People will say a fruit is bad but go eat a "diet snack" with 30 words in the ingredients you can't understand and High Fructose Corn Syrup in it? Please.

Now, i am vegan, so really i must eat fruit. But i find it doesn't hurt my weight (so far) and doesn't offer any ill side effects-perhaps if you are diabetic it is different.

Also on apples, don't just stick to the red delicious. i try a new one every time i buy a bundle. So far i have tried fuji and gala i think it was called. YUM to both!! Also you know what is good this time of year: pomegranates! super yum!
good luck
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