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Originally Posted by AmyonIP View Post
I just had to share this in regards to drinking soda. I stopped drinking soda back in June from hearing this. It was REALLY REALLY hard at first, but I had a couple sips a few weeks after I stopped, and it wasn't very good at all! I was glad I cheated so I knew I never wanted to go back to drinking it. Hope that helps someone thinking about stopping drinking soda.

The Main Issue:

Soda has a pH of about 1.5 and normal blood pH is between 7.2 to 7.4

It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water at a pH of 9 to neutralize the acid on ONE 12 oz can of soda. Most people don't drink that much water, and if they do, it's just regular water, not water that has been alkalinized. So in order to keep your blood at a neutral pH, your body uses the only thing it has to buffer that acid...the calcium from your bones. For every can of soda, your body withdraws 20mg of calcium from the bones.

When your body is an extremely acidic state, that is when disease develops.
That is an excellent reason why we shouldn't drink soda. Thanks - Ro

Originally Posted by tedski View Post
Yes, unfortunately. I can't say it will be a killer for weight loss, but if you can do without, you'll be better off. Give it time and you'll learn to like the taste of water. I know that sounds silly.
My tastes have changed for many things since being on this diet. When I first started I hated Walden Farms products. I eat almost all of the dressings and chocolate syrups now. I loved Diet Pepsi and I have no desire for it now. I never ate spinach or other dark green lettuce and I can't eat anything but salad for lunch. This plan is so amazing - and when you think about it, our bodies are amazing. They just adjust and change things that we didn't even start out to do. It just keeps getting healthier.

" One Day at a Time!"

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