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Backing up what Kim wrote here, if you go to youtube, you can watch videos of 1) "Sugar:the bitter truth" by Robert Lustig and 2) the lecture given at Dartmouth by Gary Taubes. I can get the links if anyone is interested. They are true eye-openers. Once you watch them, you will really want to read the Taubes book, Good Calories, Bad Calories....even though it can be quite complex.

Is Atkins for everyone? If you are a person who hates meat, fish, most vegetables and eggs and cannot live without pasta, potatoes, desserts and bread....I'd say probably not. And if you watch the Lustig and Taubes videos and still don't think it's worth it to alter the way you eat....well, what can I say?

But if it's worth it to change the way you eat, you will definitely lose weight and have to suffer very little hunger while you do it. It all depends on whether it's worth it to you or not.

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