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Originally Posted by TennesseeLeigh View Post
Hey guys,

Just wanted to pop in and say I won't be doing IP for at least the next nine months. Found out Saturday that I'm pregnant! Due date is July 17, 2011. So, I'm gonna pack away my IP stuff and I'll see ya'll next year.
Congrats and good luck.

Originally Posted by joellio View Post
Hi everyone! I had one heck of a reality check yesterday! I turned on my Wii which I had not touched for probably 4 months now. Figured I would do 20 minutes of Yoga. Well when I weighed myself I found that I was still 3 KG over what I was the last time I stepped on it... even with the 15 pounds I have lost in the last 3 weeks! Wow! I think I was in denial about how I had just let myself go in the last while... lots of personal crap and a slight situational depression! But holly crap! It is amazed the damage you can do to yourself in 4 months when you stop caring! Happy that I am getting things in percpective and like I said what a reality check. I think I must have spent the last 4 months never looking directly in the mirror.

I am definatly feeling so much better these days then I have in a long time.

I had a Wii experience yesterday but a good one. MY hubby bought me Wii fit for x-mas last year and I used it for 5-6 weeks and then haven't touched it until yesterday...stepped on it and it said I was done 35.8 pounds since I used it 200 and something days ago....WHOOOOOOHOOOO But I have a lot more weight to lose than you. So good kick butt.

Originally Posted by wyoangel View Post
Tennesseeleigh- Fantastic news! Congrats!

Happy IP day everyone! I dyed my hair dark brown (always been a blondie) last honor of the new me that I have found!!!!
Took me a minute to remember you...but teacher...sitting a desk with blonde hair, right? I am a teacher too. Love the hair

Originally Posted by candace5 View Post
Hello friends!!!!!!!

I haven't been on in awhile! Just soooo busy at work! sigh... Hope everyone is doing well!

Leigh - a huge congrats to you! Wow! so exciting!

Everyone else! Take care!

Candace nice steady weight loss. Do you exercise? Do you eat restricted ever? Do you eat 3 or 4 packets a day? Thanks for the info...trying to maximize my loss.

Originally Posted by PepperGal View Post
I am new to IP ~ gearing up for my first weigh in!

I've enjoyed reading through so many helpful comments.

Does anyone know if the snack must be eaten after dinner? I have been having it with dinner as my dessert. If it needs to be eaten separately, I would prefer to have it in the afternoon. Is that allowed?

Thanks again for such incredible information from so many!
I think you need to spread the protein out to keep fat burning...not positive though.

: each 5 gone!
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