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Is this your dominant arm?

It will make a difference with the type of food you can feed yourself. I just got my sister through this surgery. Altho brothy soup is nutritious and low in calories it is difficult to eat with the non-dominate hand. She was much better with sandwiches and whole fruit. Salad was a slow, slow meal and a big spoon worked better than a fork. Cut up veggie finger food was always an option. She loved my RF smoothies even when I added spinach.

The good news is that this will only last about a week. Then you can start using the hand as long as you don't try to leverage a knife or fork against tougher foods. It makes you lift your shoulder. And then you are on your way to full recovery. Remember to take a lot of small walks in the beginning to get the anesthesia out of your system, get the lungs exchanging oxygen, move healing blood and to lift your mood. Increase duration of your walks as you regain your stamina.

My sister is pretty resilent with pain but she was very uncomfortable for the first four days and used all the pain meds. Those bad boys do a number on your digestive track so try to add a lot of fiber rich foods. You might even want to supplement your diet with Benefiber or something like that.
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