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Originally Posted by CIELOARGE View Post
kEZIAH, my husband is also 6'6 and used to weight 382. Last January he started eating "better" and lost almost 40 pounds in 2 months. He stopped "dieting and exercising" and has been losing weight anyways. He is down to 328 and still eats pretty bad, just not as bad as he used to.

Im thinking your husband is not eating enough calories, and that's why he is not losing weight. He needs almost 4000 cal to keep that weight, so he could easily be eating 2500-3000 per day and still lose weight.

I agree with cieloarge- Keziah your husband sounds like he may be eating too little- specially if he's also working out. I would have him change to 2500 calories a day for a month and see if he starts to lose- sometimes too little calories makes you stop losing weight also.
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