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I had been dealing with nasty headaches for the last 7 mornings. I was thinking it was lack of sleep, the time change, allergies or SOMETHING. After trying to ward it off for so long, yesterday I was finally hit with the full blown migraine that left me in bed all day. No light, no noise, no food and plenty of ice packs.

Today I have what I call the migraine hang over. My body is stiff and I feel groggy. We had a party Saturday night for all of our friends and the kids. So I did not stay on program for that. Sunday was not on program either, so I am pretty much getting back on track today. I am not looking for a loss this week, but I am happy that it is so easy for me to get right back on track.

Anyway, I was getting my vitamins and noticed that for the ENTIRE last week I had forgotten to pack my anti-depressant in the weekly vitamin pack container I have so I can take all my meds first thing in the AM. So NOW I am wondering if I was going through withdraws and thats why I was having such a headache/wanna be migraine. Ugh. I hate them, I can remember being 9 and having them. Sucks.

So, here I am. I had planned to get walking on the treadmill again, but I am not very motivated and have a ton of work and homework to get caught back up on.

I will check in on you guys later. Gotta get that homework done before I miss my due time.
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