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I had your EXACT problem a while back and Robin gave me the same advice and she was 100% right. Your meal plan needs some work. Because you're a runner I wouldn't ditch the whole grain pasta, but I would make sure the serving is small and it's loaded with veggies and lean protein and you limit it to days before you have longer runs, it will help you have better runs if you haven't noticed that already.

I would also add that if you are running 6xs a week for an hour (I'm assuming your running 5-6 miles) that you consider changing up your exercise a little and getting a little more variety and balance. That is A LOT of running. I'm training for a half marathon and I barely run that much. Running that much and trying to lose weight is very difficult because you are asking your body to do two very different things - stay at a deficit to lose weight, but eat enough to fuel your body to run. If you don't eat enough but continue to run that much you will set yourself up for injury. Personally I prefer to run 4xs a week (3 shorter runs and one long run) and strength train 2xs a week. That's a pretty typical exercise routine for runners. Strength training is really important to runner because it helps prevent injury and it has a multitude of other benifits, but you didn't ask for advice on that, sorry I'm getting side tracked. But changing your routine up a little would likely help with your hunger levels.

Anyway, when I took Robin's advice and cleaned up my diet and added protien, fiber, volume and less processed stuff I actually didn't need to adjust my cals at all and I start losing again quickly and wasn't hungry at all. Now that I actually have the opposite problem and sometimes I need to eat when I'm not hungry because I know I'll need to fuel for my workouts and to keep my metablolism stable. So I think following her advice is your first step and looking at your exercise would be the second. Keep in mind too that not only should your food plan be something that is sustainable for the long term so should exercise, you don't want to burn out. Right now I'm in the process of establish a post race maintenance running program that will maintain my weight, challenge me and not make me burn out.

Good luck!
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