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You've gotten some great suggestions here.

A lot of folks find protein substantial enough to stave off hunger by itself, but I find that my meals need to have a bit of everything to provide satiety. You can get a lot more bulk, though, by playing with the proportions of calorie-dense things like fats and starches.

For example, instead of making a regular sandwich with two slices of bread, try an open-face sandwich on one slice (or make a half-sandwich by folding one slice of bread in half) and having it with a big bowl of homemade vegetable soup. Lose the pasta and eat your tuna atop a big green salad; if you want some starchy carbs in there, toss in some croutons.

I would ditch the low-fat butter and mayo entirely, but that's just me. I tend to pile them on in a vain search for the richness and taste of the original, which never works. Instead, I just use the full-fat versions and apply them sparingly; it actually works out to fewer calories, but more satiety because nothing replaces the rich taste of the real thing.
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