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I'm at 72/120 off, so it is possible.

Trial and error has taught me that I'm not too good at achieving set mini-goals but that I just LOVE to look back and see the huge number I'm dragging behind me; or rather, that I'm Not dragging any more!

The absolute must for me is planning.
I worked out a calorie budget;
I discovered - more trial and error - that I do best on lower (but not Low) carb, and that wheat bread makes me bloat;
I developed the habit of Always saying no to food unexpectedly offered (takes away temptation and decision-making, the answer is always No);
I log everything I eat and drink in software to make absolutely sure that my calories/carbs are right but also to make sure I'm getting the right nutrients (eating 'well' but not nutritiously enough is a fast route to disaster);
I weigh daily, once, after the bathroom (this teaches me that *I'm* in control of my body, and that odd scales readings are just that, odd, and not the blessing or curse of some evil devil living therein);
I come to 3fc many times a day, as work permits. I can be sure that any time I don't want to be bothered with this site, is a sure sign that my mindset is slipping, so I get myself here pronto.

Good luck with your plans!

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