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Originally Posted by rosemary2612 View Post
SNOW!!!! I am sooooo not ready for that. I am so cold since losing weight and I dread the winter snow. We usually do not get snow until the middle or late November, but it seems to last forever. I hate the icy country roads that I have to travel every day. I want sun and to swim in my pool every day. I am going to try to live in today and do this winter "One Day at a Time".
Good morning everyone!
Finally had a chance to catch up on the last few days of posts. Congratulations to all the victories with WIs and NSVs!!! For those having a challenging week I just want to echo "hang in there!!" I truly believe the body has to have some time to readjust. Compared to other diets, this one really does go quickly.
As to the cost, it seems pricey at first glance, but I figure with the amount I am saving on eating out, ordering in pizza and wine consumption (wine is WAY more expensive in Canada than the US), I think I'm ahead of the game!
Dave, I love your reflections on food memories, mind of matter etc. It never ceases to amaze me how indifferent I have become to so many foods.
Oh dear, I've forgotten who posted this, but the story of mom's inspiration to 9 year old daughter was wonderful! I am so sad when I see young people overweight. I've always felt I've struggled with my weight, and I wasn't nearly as big as some of these kids are today. It is such a burden to take into adulthood.
Rosemary, I so hear you about the cold! I get chilly so much quicker since I've been on this diet (less insulation?). Thankfully it doesn't get really bad here on the west coast, though they are calling for a snowier than normal winter. I guess I'll take chilly over chubby any day!
Finally, we hosted our "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" last night. It was a big success. Plenty of healthy food for everyone and I was perfectly content with my prawn and asparagus stirfry and salad. Good company and conversation was enjoyed by all.
Hope everyone has a great IP weekend and remember, we get an extra hour tomorrow morning!

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