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I worked 7am-7pm (2 days) and 7pm-7am (2 days) [4 day work week total] for about 5 years (when I maintained!)

The #1 goal is to avoid typical night shift food - snacks, candy machines, ordering out. That stuff is deadly.

Personal tips - a lot of people find that protein/fat at around 2-4am really assists with energy levels. I drank a double-espresso coffee at 7pm (start of shift) and either a black coffee or diet pepsi around midnight for the caffeine.

As long as you are counting your calories, you will be okay. The only difference is that the carbs late at night (I mean past 3-4am) seem to be less energy-producing than fat + protein. Nuts are a GREAT thing at that time. Guacamole, etc.

I always did my workout right before work at 5:30pm (luckily my gym was at my work). I only did strength training personally.

Good luck!

Yes, it's not as easy when you are fighting your natural body clock, but it can be done!!

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