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Default Australian restaurant asks patrons to sign waiver for doggy bag

I think this is one for the WTF Category, although it's kind of old. It comes from an old story from two years ago, but it's news to me:

It seems that restaurants in Queensland, Australia are asking customers to sign indemnity forms against lawsuits for fear of improper storage and whatnot, if they ask to take leftovers home in a "doggy bag" or takeaway container,and it seems other countries have similar issues, incl. Britain and France. where takeaway bags are apparently frowned upon.

Furthermore, it seems some restaurants have policies against sharing meals, etc. Seriously WTF? I'm really tiring of just how micromanaged we are as a society, good grief.

As a dieter and someone who is into portion control and yes has used takeaway bags as they are popular here in the United States, I think this is outrageous, even if it is a bit embarrassing. The portions here are normally so large, I can't help but take leftovers home.

I'd post the link to the story, but I don't have enough posts.

Thoughts anyone?

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