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The thing about weight loss is that, barring unforeseen illnesses or some new medical miracle, you will be dealing with it in some fashion for the next five years. And the next ten. And the twenty after that. Either you will be monitoring your food intake and keeping active to maintain your weight loss or you'll have regained weight and will be trying to lose again. That's a cold reality not only for those of us who have extra weight, but for much of the industrialized world.

I totally get that you want rapid weight loss. Who wouldn't? But we can only control what goes into our bodies, not how quickly they want to drop the pounds. There may be a week in which you lose only half a pound--or maybe nothing at all if that's what your body decides to do that week. When that happens, the only thing that's going to keep you on your plan is having a plan you can live with in the first place. The results on the scale won't always be there to keep you motivated, so your plan has to be one that fits you.

I'd been on 800 calories some years ago. I lost weight super-fast for three weeks, but...well, I'm here now and trying to lose weight, so that should tell you how well that worked out for me.

"Slow" isn't the opposite of "successful." It's still success. You might find something that is both doable and fast (I've lost 8 pounds in 17 days on 1500 calories a day plus exercise and feel like I could do this forever), but nothing is going to stay consistently fast throughout your weight loss. I firmly believe it's more important to devise a plan you can live with if you hope to transition from weight loss to maintenance in the long term.
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