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Originally Posted by guamvixen View Post
At 200 lbs, I ate 1700, when I got lower, I went down to 1400. That's where I am now. And I lost my weight within a year, but I also did a lot of cardio.
How long did it actually take you?
I have about eight months to get as close to my goal as possible.
It'd be nice to ball park it.

***Mini Goals***
250reached: 12-9-10
240reached: 01-17-11Fit into khaki pantsreached: 01-17-11
230reached: 02-24-11
220reached: 06-12-11
210reached: 05-02-12
ONDERLANDreached: 06-1-12
190reached: 11-30-12
180reached: Unsure
170reached: 12-24-12
160reached: Unsure
150reached: 06-21-13
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