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Originally Posted by keziah23 View Post
I am currently doing Medifast but have started ordering some Wonderslim and Bariwise products as they are cheaper! Has anyone here transitioned over from one to the other? The Wonderslim plan as outlined on the dietsdirect website is a bit confusing and I am not sure what to eat if I go on that totally.

So it says the daily plan is
3 meal replacements
3 protein supplements
1 snack bar
1 lean and green

Then the menu includes fruit which is confusing me because its not on the daily plan.
Also on the menu it says
Breakfast: 1 WonderSlim® Pudding/Shake OR Smoothie
1 WonderSlim® Hot Cakes OR Crunch Cereal OR Hot Oatmeal
1 Optional OR 1 Dairy

Does that mean I have a shake, cereal and something else for breakfast? all of that?

it also says I starch at dinner, where does that fit in?

Right now I am doing right around 1,000 calories, 120g carbs, and 80-110g protein.
The Wonderslim Plan allows for a bit more food than the MediFast and New Lifestyle Plan. They tend to be around 800-1080 calories where WS rounds out about 1200.

Wonder Slim (if you are doing all supplements I think someone posted that in the Wonderslim #4 thread)

Breakfast: 1 Pudding, Shake or Smoothie AND
1 Hotcake, Cereal or Oatmeal AND
1 Optional or 1 Dairy (this is syrup for your pancakes or milk for your cereal.

AM Snack: 1 Pudding, Shake or Smoothie AND
1 Fruit

Lunch: 1 Lite Entrée or Soup AND
1 Snack Bar

PM Snack: 1 Pudding, Shake or Smoothie

Dinner: 1 Protein (4oz lean) AND
2 Vegetables (1 cup each, and there is a lot to choose from!)
1 Starch (hello potato!) AND
1 Optional ( you can choose to use or not)

Dessert: 1 Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Pudding, Hot Drink or Fruit Drink (program food, of course)

1000-1200 Total Calories

I printed off the Food and Activity Diary to use weekly. Then I printed the Meal Plan and the Food List/Shopping Guide and put those in a plastic page keeper so they would not get all yucky and crinkled from use.

The fruit is allowed as a morning snack with the pudding/shake supplement. A fruit serving for WS is about 60 calories or less. For Breakfast, the easiest way to explain it is you get to pick one thing from EACH of the three rows. I usually do pudding, cereal and milk, or pudding, pancake and sugar free syrup, or pudding, eggs and some fat free cottage cheese. That gives me supplement, protein and the allowed dairy or optional. For dinner you have your lean, your greens. The starch included and it has to be 80 cals or less and their is an optional item with dinner too. These optional items are less than 20 cals.

Hope That Helps!

I was thinking I might work on a cheat sheet. I will post it to my blog and here as well when I am done.
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