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S/C/G: 199/141.8/145

Height: 5'7''


NAME: Danielle usually just Dani though.
BIRTHDAY: February 27th.. 28 yrs old
MARITAL STATUS: been with my lady for 2 years and counting ;-)
TOP WEIGHT: 199lbs
GOAL WEIGHT: 155lbs I want to say 140lbs but when I get around 160lbs I tend to look really bony.
EYE COLOR: Hazel-ish.. people say it's like the tiger's eye rock.
HAIR COLOR: Soft black
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I'm a bit a.d.d so I can't seem to keep one thing going for very long. I like hiking, reading, listening to music, long conversations about life, LOVE LOVE coffeeee!
PETS: Bella my pup.. aka one of the loves of my life and 4 cat's (Stinky, Weez, Figgy and Weewee) Yes I know all strange names lol.
GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Currently Ohio.. from Connecticut.. want to be in the UK :-)
FAVORITE COLOR: Usually I tend to lean towards neutrals but lately I've had this thing for purple and orange.
FAVORITE FOODS: pad thai, homemade pasta and goat cheese mmm oi lol
FAVORITE EXERCISE: Love arm work.. I have a fetish with arm pit muscles they are just amazing.
FAVORITE BOOK(S): Haven't had much reading time lately but I tend to go towards self help books, cookbooks and spiritual type books.
FAVORITE MOVIE(S): I tend to be into cheesy comedy and realistic horror flicks.
FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Weeds, The big C, Lost Girl and The L Word although it no longer airs. Other then that I watch a lot of BBC shows.
FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Lily Allen, Tegan and Sarah, Poe, Tristan Prettyman and much more. Not into rap or heavy metal.
PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I often lack motivation.
WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've been within 5lbs of my goal weight before and I remember saying to myself if I can do this anybody can.. so I'm going to listen to myself fully this time.
WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Clean foods no sugar and trying to avoid anything processed.
RELIGION: Have yet to put myself into any type of religion.. I believe the earth and all of us are the religion it's just about coming together and uniting. If I had to say just one way of living it would be Kryon.
POLITICS: open minded
PIERCINGS: Small gauged ears, nose. Used to have my nipples and plan to have them again when I am comfortable with myself enough to lay topless in front of a stranger. Have had many others but only miss those 2.
TATTOOS: Ankle, wrist and lower back. Working on saving for a half sleeve at the moment.

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