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Default The Craving Paradox

After a really nice loss week before last I had the inevitable few days of no budge on the scale (so much better than a gain, right?).

I've also been craving a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and fries from the little drive thru down the road. Coincidence? Is that the little voice of failure creeping up on me?

I struggle here with the mental aspects of it. I'm on track, I'm on plan, exercising, getting my fluids in and in general I'm seeing some really good results, I have no reason to complain.
My brain tells me I'm doing what I should, don't listen to that craving, keep plugging along and the stall will end when it is supposed to end.
My body says hey! lady! gimme gimme!

I went to the drive thru yesterday. I ordered my burger and fries, ate the fries in the car (cause they don't stay hot long) then got home and had about three bites of the burger, peeled the fat side off the bacon, ate the meat part, and pitched the remainder of the burger with no remorse whatsoever (honestly, I was full at that point).

Everything in the dieting world tells me I'm going to be punished for my decision (yes, conscious decision). And how was I greeted by the perky little wii voice this morning? With a .9 pound loss.

Body - 1
Brain - 0

I think the biggest part of this journey has been the realization that the only person in control of my success is me, and unfortunately, my brain isn't always the best giver of advice. That for me it's about moderation and listening to my body tell me what it needs, and not about letting magazine articles and tv news programs tell my brain what scientifically it "should" fit and eliminate from my diet.
And I do know that I am very lucky that I can make the drive through run once every few months and not have it send me on a bender (lets not talk about potato chips).

I think it's cool that we all come from different places here, and yet we all have banded together trying to find that elusive balance in this aspect of our lives, and I truly appreciate the support, the advice, and the community here. This forum and it's members satisfy a different craving, the one my brain needs. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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