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Good morning, everyone! It's strange to be here before 10:00 a.m., but I'm off today, so that explains it.

Zumba was great last night, but I had missed two weeks of classes due to travel and illness, so I was having a rough time of it. DH had to meet me outside when I got home to toss me my inhaler. I won't make the mistake of leaving it at home again.

FO: I know what you mean about napping in the afternoon. I made my bed so I'll be less tempted to climb in and mess it up this afternoon! Enjoy BL tonight.

Natasha: I'm glad the hazmat situation went smoothly. Now you can say you have one under your belt!! Enjoy your day off!

Debbie: Oh, I bet you're bummed about the pool. My hubs can nap in the afternoon and sleep at night, too, but it's always in his recliner while a game or something is on. Have a wonderful day!

Ruth: Enjoy your at-home day! Sounds like the doggage is all grown up since they can stay on their own so long. Give them a pat for me!

Heidi: I assume you're talking about hula-hooping? I bet that's fun, but I can never get my hips to move the right way!

Linda: I've really missed hearing about the girls. Sounds like everything is fantastic and you're still number 1 in their eyes!! Cindy must be so grateful to have someone like you care for them!!

Cyndi: I bet you and DW are glad this whirlwind of election activity is coming to a close, although I'm sure it's exciting to be such a big part of it. Enjoy your weekend; I hope you have some laziness planned; and good luck with the hair coloring!!

Beloved: Sometimes I think we need those "do-nothing" days. It always helps me de-stress to sit outside and read all day or even join DH on the couch to watch some tv! I hope you get done what you want to.

, Twynn! Have a great day!

WT: Sorry you're having so much frustration with the applications. I hope it goes well for you today!

Since I'm off today, I'm going to take advantage of it and get Mt. Saint Laundry wiped out, take down the Halloween decor, and clean the house up. Having my sisters here this weekend was great, but 4 people in 880 sq.ft. sure make a mess quickly! I'm hoping I can talk the cleaning lady to come in for a few hours this week, skip next week, and then come the week before Thanksgiving, since I'll be out of town. It'll take the pressure off of DH to have it tidy when I get home.

Today will be an easy day since I'm at home. My biggest struggles & temptations are always at work. I'm going to get started cleaning, do one of DH's custom-for-me workouts, and then relax a bit before getting dinner started. It's a busy day, but I'm already feeling so productive that I don't mind a bit!

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