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Good morning Well it's a big day in my universe. I hope all the US Chicks plan to get out there and vote today!

Okie - I too love the thread title. Thanks for framing my day just the right way. I need that perspective today.

Natasha - Hey, I'm serious - you are my exercise inspiration. Even with all the hours you work you find time to work out. This month I'm figuring out how to blend the new job with my old exercise routine.

Debbie - I hope the coffee has made it's way into your cup by now. I hate to admit it but we are almost through the first pot already.
I need to refocus on transformation. I have realized once again just how easy it is to lose those new habits and perspective.

Ruth - I wish I could figure out how to read on the treadmill. I usually save up all my movies to watch for the winter treadmill season.
Happy at home day

Heidi- I'm the same way - no TV but plenty of devices to connect to the internet. I have to try hooping. Did you start with a video or do you just put music on and go for it?

Lots of last of the election cycle stuff to get done today. We will go out to vote and do a couple of hours of visibility at the polls. Then it's data crunching. This afternoon we are off to Burlington. I'll do a little office work then DW and I are having dinner with my team and heading to the appropriate election night party. It will be fun to spend it with the people I've worked so hard with the last two months. Technically our team has the rest of the week off but between my time at the old job and a meeting I scheduled (for 7:45 Thursday morning talk about needing a new secretary!) I'm not really off until Thursday midday. This morning I also need time to fix my hair. Something is wrong with the color again.

Have a good Tuesday and hey, don't forget to vote

ETA - Hi Cottage I was back on the Wii hula hooping last night. I'm glad I can't see myself because I know I look ridiculous
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