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i don't know what to say really. i was feeling almost the same way see, my light bulb moment post in the 20's section. i know intellectually that it shouldn't make me upset, but it did anyway. i was depressed and didn't exercise all week.

i guess all i can do is remind you how great you really are. those people, they don't get us. they don't give us a chance to show we are real people. they don't care and they don't want to. i believe one of the posts said she is anarexic, so definitely she has so much more in common with many people that struggle with weight than she realizes. she sees a cow in the mirror even when it's a skeleton or a healthy weight.

i think the only way to better yourself is remind yourself how rare that mentality surely must be. and PROVE HER WRONG. say forget you! i don't care what you think or say. i have a right to be healthy, happy, and exist. being healthy, loving yourself, eating healthy, exercising regularly, you will be happier and healthier than she likely could EVER be living on diet coke and laxatives. 'skinny' people have the same issues as other people of all sizes whether(sp?) they realize it or not. I used to be a healthy skinny person in high school. i wasn't a really skinny person, but i looked good. i still wasn't happy most of the time. have you read skinnie emmie's blog? if you haven't read her post, i think it's called they don't see me, or they don't know me. and many others are really good too.
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