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Default How much more should I try to do?

I have searched the stickies and other threads and have read a bunch of stuff in the links but I still have questions. Any response to any or all of the questions would be greatly appreciated.

I currently go to water aerobics MWFS for one hour. I have been doing this for 6+ month. During the workout there is cardio and resistance with water dumbbells for the upper body.

After reading around a bit, I should think about adding more. I guess free weights are the way to go. I do have back issues so... should I sit on the bench for shoulder, chest, bicep and tricep work? Is there a down side to being in a sitting position? Is there anything I need to concentrate on or be aware of using this position?

Is it advisable to do all the exercises MWFS or can I just work on shoulders on Monday, chest on Tuesday, etc? I thought I could do this before I go to the pool. Is that an optimum order of events?

Also, there was a lot of talk about lunges and squats for the quad/gluts. I think I could add this in too but again should it be every day or split up?

I do want my efforts to pay off but I don't want to get injured (bad back) or worse - get overwhelmed and quit.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or answers!
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