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I was taking Metformin until I went "low carb". I started with a more Atkins approach but found that to be SO hard to maintain. I started SBD about 7 weeks ago, have not had ANY blood sugar issues at all since then and lost 23lbs.

The first two weeks I was SUPER strict. Like obsessively strict, and I actually stayed on Phase I for a few more weeks than necessary because I felt SO good. Recently I added things back and while my weight loss has not slowed down, I notice other things I do not like. Sleepy in the afternoon and some puffyness in my feet and hands.

I have found that it is actually fairly easy plan to stick to once you get the first week over with. I suggest you just stay on top of planning. Because as soon as I do not that is when I have issues. Menus, shopping lists, and pack your lunch and snacks. Even if you do not work outside of the house.

Water helps A LOT. I do not know if it actually helps for weight loss, persay but it for sure helps with cravings and hunger. And if I have a bit to much sugar (fruit for example) I pound down two bottles of water and flush it out. I notice right away if I am not drinking my water enough, cause everything feels "off"

Good luck and welcome

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