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Originally Posted by DexterMom View Post
After giving up soda and only having tea/coffee, I realized that my weekend headaches derived from not getting to the coffee pot fast enough! I decided that given how much I enjoyed tea/coffee and given the health benefits of both, I'd drop down to 1-3 small cups a day.
The weekend headaches were my biggest clue, too. Yuck - nothing like being grateful to sleep in a little bit and then have a whopper of a headache!

Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
The caffeine has really helped alot with the fibro symptoms. Caffeine even boosts the effectiveness of pain medications, so I can use less pain medication.

I do have to beware energy drinks though - they can contain a lot more caffeine than the typical diet soda, and on too much caffeine I get jittery or I won't sleep well. I generally won't drink any caffeinated beverage after 4pm or any energy drink after noon.
I've never had an energy drink - when I got to my late 20s I started to become more and more sensitive to caffeine, so generally wouldn't have anything after mid-afternoon in any case.

I didn't know about caffeine boosting the affects of pain meds. I'm not on anything regularly, but that's useful to know.

Hmmm . . . I guess I need to think about this more. I miss coffee, but I hate the idea of being dependent on it - weather physically or psychologically. Maybe only weekends? Or only when out? Just thinking out loud here.

Thanks again for the thoughts!
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