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Now this is more like it. I knew we just needed some "fresh" air.

Kat... it wasn't me. One of the luxuries of low carbs is that you don't fart. TRUE
I got to cuddle some more today with both grandbabies.
They are spending the night with us. Thank goodness my daughter is here to help. They can keep you hopping. Fortunately I get the cuddling duty.

Sandy ... So you're the ONE !!!!!! Well at least you fessed up.
Next time just go into another room. LOL But NOT our chat room.
I am babysitting but I don't remember if I told you about it earlier.
I would be glad to take your two also. Are they both boys? My husband wants some grandsons too. LOL
I hear you had a BLT and fries. I have a recipe to use turnips as a substitute for fries. LOL I told you... I am on a roll with these veggies.
I also wanted to tell you that Thin is gone for the weekend ALONE with her hubby too. Well... no kids anyways... they went with another couple to one of those "mystery dinner weekends". Sounds like fun. We are going to have to work double time to make up for their missing posts.

Donna.... Walkie talkies !!!!!! My granddaughter would LOVE those.
I guess I am going to have to get her some to keep here so we can talk to each other. HEY... I just remembered.... we have some. I know what we will be doing tomorrow.

Mary.... {{{{{ HUGS }}}}}
I know exactly what you are going through with your brother.
I had one friend who shot himself when his wife left him.
He did not die. He thought that would "prove" to his wife how much he loved her. All it proved is what an idot he was. He is remarried now..
I also had a brother in law that turned to alcohol when his wife left him.
He never recovered. He finally drank himself to death.
It is hard on the people who care about them.
BUT... I also have friends who rebound and made a full recovery... so don't give up hope. Just remember one thing.
YOU are NOT responsible for his actions.... only he is.

Well... today was Fun Friday... and I had FUN !!!
I had a nice relaxing morning.
Made my FINAL payment on our home !!!!!
Went to the movies.
Cooked on the grill for dinner. Mmmmm
Played with my grandbabies all evening.
And now ending my day with my favorite cyber friends.
What a day !!!!

Kat... I cooked those large portabella mushrooms on the grill and they were good.
Also grilled marinated small mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, corn on the cob and hamberger patties. Mmmm good.
I made my mock potato salad again except added more yellow mustard. Last time I did not. My daughter and husband said it was even more like real potato salad. I think they are just getting used to it now. LOL I did not have any leftovers this time.

Now I have an acorn or spaghetti squash to cook.
It looks like an acorn but was under a label saying "spaghetti". ????
Does anyone have any ideas which I have ????
What is spaghetti squash suppose to look like.??
What about ways to cook it???

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