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I went without caffeine for about a year, and without artificial sweeteners almost as long (I thought that both or either could be triggering or worsening my fibromyalgia).

I went back to both after my doctor ok'd it, without side effects to either. The caffeine actually helps me with the fatigue of the fibro (as long as I don't use it in a way that affects my ability to sleep, so I stop drinking caffeinated beverages early in the afternoon).

I do tend towards Splenda (mostly a taste preference) over aspartame, but neither seem to be a problem for me.

The caffeine has really helped alot with the fibro symptoms. Caffeine even boosts the effectiveness of pain medications, so I can use less pain medication.

I do have to beware energy drinks though - they can contain a lot more caffeine than the typical diet soda, and on too much caffeine I get jittery or I won't sleep well. I generally won't drink any caffeinated beverage after 4pm or any energy drink after noon.
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