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Question Caffeine pros and cons? How much is OK?

I've known for quite a while that I needed to cut out the diet soda (oh, Cherry Coke Zero, how I love you!). My concerns were for health (they're my only source of artificial sweeteners), cost, and the environmental impact of shipping cans of soda all over the country. So last week I decided I would no longer buy cans of soda for my house, and only have the occasional soda while out. I've had one in the last 10 days.

At the same time, I came to realize that I was truly addicted to my morning cup of coffee. I drink it black, so calories aren't an issue for me, but I would drink 2 large mugs - about 20 ounces - every morning. On mornings where I didn't have coffee within a certain time from waking up, I would have a wicked headache and be crabby. So I decided to take a break from coffee for the time being, as well. It's also been 10 days or so since coffee.

I knew I couldn't go cold turkey on caffeine without crumbling so I started drinking hot black tea. I used to drink it all the time, and don't mind it (although it's no French roast). I've had some green tea, too, but don't like it as much so I stick to mainly black tea, both hot and iced unsweetened if I'm at a restaurant, and water. I would say, on the average day, I have 3 black tea bags, refilling multiple times with water.

I'm still WAY more sluggish in the mornings than if I'd had my coffee. I really miss that bright-eyed feeling that it gives me.

So here are my questions: Would it be beneficial for me to give up caffeine entirely? I mean, I know that I'll still have some sources of it in chocolate, or the occasional cup of something, but should I try to eliminate it? Would dropping caffeine eventually help me feel more alert on my own?

Or, are there advantages to having caffeine? If so, what's a good limit to set?

How do y'all handle your caffeine/coffee/tea intake?

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