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Hi girlies,
Wow, where is everyone? Please come out and play or is that the reason your not here? I know Tina is off to Bristol and honeymoon. Whats up with the rest? Oh someone is babysitting I remember but who was that???? I could go back and look at the last post, but oh that would just be to hard. Whoever it is, please I have 2 more to send to you to watch, you can keep em for a bit if you would like? I'm sure you will return them......LOL

Guess what I am eatting right this minute for supper? BLT and fries.....yes you heard me right.....Turkey bacon of course and whole wheat light bread 2 slices is 1 pt and lots of lettuce and tomatoe and steak fries....all accounted for and I feel like I'm major cheating....

Hope everyone is doing well.

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