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Ok, so yesterday was, I think, probably the last time I go to the clinic except to buy food and maybe a quick hop on the scale, so I asked for final measurements. After my weigh in/measurements, I went to work to eat my first phase 3 breakfast.

Lost 3.6 pounds this past week, going from 131.8 to 128.2 in my third week of phase 2. I'm really glad I did that extra week, because the losses were big, and I can see a difference in the past week.

Total weight loss: 58.2 pounds
Total inches
Chest size went from 42 to 34
Waist went from 38 to 25
Hips went from 44 to 37.5
Arm went from 11 to 8
Thighs went from 22.5 to 17.5
A total of around 42 inches lost! Now, I don't think that they measured me in the same spots, but its fine, I'm totally happy with my losses.

Polished off my second big breakfast this morning...delish!

I know it's a weekend so it's harder for many, I just have to say that the journey is totally worth it. Stay strong, keep going, you'll be really happy with the results.
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