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Well I made it back...a bit more rested than before. Household chores are done and I have a cheesecake baking for DH. I'm trying to weed out the freezer a bit. Pool comes soon then a day of saying goodbyes to the garden. If we leave tomorrow, things will surely be frozen by the time we return.

BelovedK, I hope your shoulder is on the mend and is not a re-injury.

Linda, I hope you've returned home by now, after an eventful morning. My pups have collectively eaten everything over the years. I'm glad Ruth had a good opinion for you.

Ruth, book club sounds especially fun tonight. I'm trying to imagine a dog that eats glasses. lol

Cyndi, see ya later! Hope your day is bump-free!

Karen, great job staying out of the cookie dough. I cut the extra crust off the pie this morning and chucked it in the compost. It's amazing how many things we put in our mouth without even thinking. Hope those college apps progress!

Rikki, it's actually Fun tastic! Hope you find some fun along with work. In answer to your question, I try to make space for a little quiet time in the AM. When I get up, I spend at least 5 minutes on the couch with the pups-listening to npr. Then I move to my coffee or tea, and usually go outside...a few stretches seem to help, too. I didn't used to be a morning person and I'm not sure when I really made the switchover. I think it just takes practice. Ok, I had to look back and see how I may have answered your question-now I get it. Yes, I feel better when I don't medicate my continual exhaustion with food. When I couldn't sleep, I went through the mental food list of all the crappy things that would make me feel better and settled with a plain apple.

Ok, pool bound !
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